Warehouse Services in Pune

Warehouse Services in Pune

Warehouse Services in Pune

Professional Warehouse and Storage Services in Pune

Maintain Your Customers’ Supply Chain With Expert Help Of Professional Warehouse and Storage Company in Pune

It is common knowledge that modern businesses are very competitive. If you are running a business, you will realize that keeping your customers happy is very crucial to surviving in the market. One way to achieve this objective is to make sure the supply chain does not get disturbed. You can always place reliance on the Professional Warehouse and Storage Company in Pune to ensure a steady supply chain, for example.

Sufficient Focus Is Given On Warehousing And Distribution

Businesses often do feel the need to make sure of cargo and containers offered by Professional Warehouse and Storage Company in Pune. Remember – these are no ordinary logistics services as they will permit you to move the said cargo anywhere in the universe! As a consequence, you do end up reaping the benefits of greater flexibility, efficiency, and speed to maintain your supply chain.

No Restriction Is Imposed On You

The good thing about Professional Warehouse and Storage Company in Pune is – nothing is imposed on you. In other words, you are always free to make your individual choices and decisions. You never have to predefine or commit to decide, for example, the period you will use the warehouse. Instead, you end up gaining in two broad ways. Firstly, for the duration, you use services you will just have to pay. Secondly, you can leave behind instructions with the agencies to make actual deliveries at your discretion.

Nice Alternative For Adding Capacity To Your Existing Storage

Normally, a business starts with limited storage facilities. It goes on to enhance the capacity at subsequent stages as it makes business progress. Therefore, there might be a situation where you might feel the need to add to your existing storage facility to ensure the smooth functioning of your business. In this situation, taking the assistance of Professional Warehouse and Storage Company in Pune appears to be a prudent move. It will enable you to meet your requirements without necessitating you to invest a substantial amount in procuring additional storage infrastructure!

Equipped With Excellent Security Measures

With the changing times, the business requirements have changed drastically. It is no longer enough for them just to store their goods in shoddy godowns, for instance. On the contrary, they require facilities that can guarantee the absolute safety and security of their goods. Therefore, the Professional Warehouse and Storage Company in Pune make sure to imbibe their warehouses with the latest technologically advanced safety gadgets and equipment. For example, you will get to see things like CCTVs, Fire alarms, and more. Moreover, It is the presence of these features that assures the businesses that their valuable items are in safe hands!

Experienced And Expertise Come To Play A Big Role

In fact, the Professional Warehouse and Storage Company in Pune has a team of experienced and expert professionals. So too they are well versed in dealing with businesses belonging to manufacturing, FMCG, retail, to name a few. This proves their capability in handling bigger projects.

Attributes of Home Storage and Removal Services

We are proud to announce that the Home Storage Facilities have relieved our many consumers, who not only have been our faithful customers, but also our brand ambassadors.

  • Security (24*7) 
  • CCTV Surveillance 
  • Monthly Pest Control
  • Weekly Vacuum
  • Cleaning
  • Inventory Management
  • Retrieval Facility
  • Fire-Fighting Equipment
  • Inventory Management

Surely, when working with South India Packers and Movers, you will be given extreme competence. We only employ professionals and individuals who are confident and able to set high expectations. For your home storage and storage requirements, you can directly call. Ask for the free approximation of your facility right now with our fast and simple quote form.


  • When storage is over 6 months, a 5% discount is granted on 100% advance payment. 
  • When storage takes place more than 12 months, a 10% discount shall be granted on 100% advance payment.


  • Home Storage at 2 percent a month with a declared value.
    • Firstly, GST at 18 percent for storage.
    • Secondly, Charges for packaging, packing, unloading, and transport to the closest distribution facility.
    • Services mobile phone, if necessary. 

What do we offer?

Taking care of your valuable possessions

Customers need a convenient spot to reposition themselves to store their household items. South India Packers and Movers experienced in providing quality home storage and removal services to our renowned clients. In our warehouses, we offer short and long-term storage options, that allow a range of moving and storage products to securely accommodated. We listed as one of India’s leading providers of home storage.

Impeccable Storage at State-of-the-art Warehouses

South India Packers and Mover’s warehouses with state-of-the-art security and supervision systems are clean and accessible. Your property is only available 24 hours in advance at several of our warehouses. Firstly, We are happy to sell you the right household accommodation that is safe and free of pesticides. Secondly, We collect your property from your premises and keep it in our state-of-the-art warehouses until you are ready. Finally, We are known for their impeccable and extremely secure storage as a one-stop storage provider.

Contact information:

Name: South India Packers and Movers

Address: Office No. 02, Shirke Building, Indica Gate Purna Nagar, Chinchwad, Pune-411019, Maharashtra, India


Phone Number: 7807780755