Office Shifting in Pune, Maharashtra

Office Shifting in Pune, Maharashtra

Confident for over 10 years by local Office Shifting in Pune. Our Pune office packers and movers ensure that; a workplace of 5 or 5000 nearby or around great distances is successfully scheduled, controlled, and operated. We are specialists in the construction, packaging, project management, and deployment of office moving systems, including furniture installs.

Your movements in your office have many moving pieces; which is why we use a comprehensive method of office movement which resolved all issues and prevents delays, loss, and failures. We have the expertise and versatility to partner with you to meet your needs.

South Indian Packers and Movers is a leading trading firm in Pune; that partners with some of the biggest and most famous enterprises in the city. We serve Pune and provide you full relocation and honors technical support services; which will provide you with the best mobile interface possible for your workers while minimizing delays in everyday work. Our state-of-the-art technology is the first in the industry to deliver both high visibility and power of the moving process.

Using our broad menu of conventional workplace transportation services, along with customized services to streamline the method of transportation. You can save time and costs by partnering with a single company and bundling resources. Wherever you are in Pune has a wide reach paired with local support; to ensure that your business is globally consistent. You can trust South Indian Packers and Movers; to retain the workers comfortable and profitable through a smooth commercial shifting experience, from large, multicultural corporations to small businesses.

Your Office Shifting in Pune Process

Pre-move Planning in Pune

The success of your company’s moves expense and timeline is greatly influenced by the correct transfer plans. We will work with you to customize a schedule; including protection and transition directions; to ensure that the change is smooth.

Office Shifting Management in Pune

You’ll have great rest understanding that our staff is here to oversee the whole transition process; whether you’ve moved a little office or big facility, making sure; we are prepared with the right logistics, manufacturing materials, and recruiting the right employees.

Moving Day

Your day will not be overwhelming with shocks and uncertainty during the last moment. We have the industry’s best-trained crew to perform your pass. Our project manager will be there to track the transfer and warn you if they emerge.

Post Move Support

When the workers move into the new room, more improvements and reconfigurations might be appropriate. We would support you and your team to ensure that your company is running with the lowest possible downtimes.

You can message us for any type of office relocation in Pune.

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 Our USP


We also developed a “trucking cube” model to revolutionize the transport industry (Container). It’s a private area with the greatest care and support for your precious goods. These cubes are available in different dimensions to meet our customers’ specific logistics needs. Moreover, by placing your custom locks you can choose the right cube according to the size of your shipment.


To clear the use of the wooden crates and to provide dual protection for your costly LEDs from any external or internal damage during transportation, we South India Packers and Movers have integrated specialized LCD/LED screen cases. The specialized boxes are built using an additional foam sheet of the hard-structured box inside to cover the fragile LED/LCD screen. Our boxes are available on the market in various sizes of LED TVs as we deliver personalized solutions to our customers.


We also developed a new idea of a “Perfect Package” to transport your fragile products with utmost care and protection. These robust boxes waterproof, tamper-free, and locked to ensure the safety of your precious property in all cases during transit.


Moreover, South India Packers has brought ‘fabric mats’ to our packaging material with thorough testing. Just as Shake-absorbent, reusable, waterproof and cost-efficient, and robust in design, these foam embodied and high-quality sheets. So too, these special and engineered foam sheets widely applied in our packaging procedure, which has the upper hand on corrugated rolls, as they are economically effective, shock absorbent, resilient and waterproof. In the end, this efficient packaging material reduces movement costs and durable and safe products for customers.


We fully understand the feelings of our consumers concerning their vehicles with more than 33 years of experience in the packaging and transporting market. We also designed shock-resistant Bikes that fit all of your bike’s pneumatic pipes to ensure safe distribution at your destination.


For specialist relocation of your precious animals and well-nourished trees. For the movement of plants, we have specially built the ventilated cabin. At the same time, we transfer your caring pets to large, airy, and cozy yet healthy cages.

Contact information:

Name: South India Packers and Movers

Address: Office No. 02, Shirke Building, Indica Gate Purna Nagar, Chinchwad, Pune-411019, Maharashtra, India


Phone Number:+91-7385196553